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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

RAQI Inspiration

RAQI Company is aware and committed to improving the health and well-being of employees in institutions and companies. RAQI focuses on services of occupational medicine and corporate health. We aim to enhance the vigorousity of the employees and increase their productivity and happiness at the workplace.

Through occupational medicine services, RAQI provides healthcare and consultations for employees. These services include the early detection of diseases, management of medical conditions, providing health advice, evaluating occupational risks, and designing fitness programs and health awareness.

In addition, RAQI is also distinguished by providing institutional excellence services and building a healthy work environment; as taking care of the health and happiness of employees has a positive impact on their satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, RAQI provides educational and training programs to enhance health awareness and general skills for employees.

Consultations are also provided to organize the work environment, such as designing sanitary spaces and providing comfort and safety in the workplace.

RAQI Company principles, which are based on the belief of the founders in the importance of the health and happiness of the employees, reflect a strong interest in humans and a long-term vision to improve the quality of life in the work environment, which contributes to enhancing the wellbeing of individuals and societies, in addition to the contribution to building a healthy and sustainable workplace.

As RAQI continues providing its distinguished services and raises the importance of awareness of corporate health and institutional excellence, we hope to achieve a positive impact on many institutions, companies, and employees all over the world.

The President Message

Praise to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah:

The true asset of any organization is its employees, who constitute its human resources and the primary source of its financial resources. Therefore, caring for them and focusing on creating a healthy and appealing work environment is an intelligent investment for reputable organizations.

We are delighted at RAQI Company to be able to serve you through our diverse services, to make your work environments distinguished, high-quality, and exceptional, God willing. We provide comprehensive services to enhance professional health practices and monitoring, starting from employment screening, workplace assessments, various potential exposures that workers might face, the health and genetic conditions of the worker, and concluding with proactive periodic reports containing specialized recommendations for their safety and the safety of the establishment.

Furthermore, we are pleased at RAQI to offer you practical consultancy services to improve the work environment, enhance productivity, and increase organizational happiness through accredited quality programs. This directly contributes to cost reduction, waste reduction, and increased job satisfaction.

Our responsibility at RAQI is to elevate our clients and partners to advanced positions in profitability and safety, the two cornerstones of success that every visionary leader aspires to achieve.


RAQI Strategies


RAQI Vision

To be the leading reference company in the field of occupational medicine and corporate health worldwide, through distinguished consulting services that enhance the health, vitality, and happiness of employees, and contribute to building a healthy and productive work environment.


RAQI Mission

Providing distinguished and innovative Medical, Training, and Consulting services in the field of occupational medicine and corporate health with the aim of enhancing the health and happiness of employees, and achieving positive results that can be measured at both the individual and institutional levels.


RAQI Values

1. Goodness: Our belief centers on the significance of extending kindness towards employees, enhancing their life quality through the creation of a healthful and fitting work environment. This same kindness extends to institutions through the provision of essential training and consultations needed for workplace success.

2. Excellence: Our desire is to deliver exceptional and innovative services within the domain of occupational medicine and corporate health. We are dedicated to actively seeking out the most current and effective techniques and practices to fulfill our clients’ needs with the highest level of quality.

3. Respect: We consider respect and ethics as the basis of all our dealings with our clients, our team, and the whole society. We deal honestly and professionally with all and respect the diversity of cultures and backgrounds.

4. Partnership: We believe in building sustainable partnerships with our clients and employees in the institutions as we are working together to achieve common goals and enhance health and happiness in the work environment.

5. Innovation: We are committed to searching for innovation and development in the field of occupational medicine and corporate health. We always apply the latest techniques and approaches to achieve effective and sustainable results.


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Let’s make the world a better place

We believe that healthy employees create a healthy institution. At RAQI, we work together to improve their performance and achieve a positive change in the quality of life for individuals and societies all over the world.